About Me


I qualified as a Blue Badge Tourist Guide in 2005, winning the “Best Museum and Galleries” award, and now have years of experience guiding nationalities from around the world. Highlights of my career have included giving a radio interview about the historical execution site of Tyburn and writing a book on the British monarchy.

I absolutely love history, particularly royal history. Kings, Queens, family relations and fun facts about them, ranging from Henry VIII’s six wives to the hygiene of George IV’s wife and the pregnancies of Queen Anne. My interest in Ancient Egypt has also led me to study the hieroglyphs, with the result that I can now read quite a few and am trying to conquer the rest!  All this and much more comes up regularly on my tours.


The Blue Badge


This is the top qualification for guiding in the U.K, and can be obtained only after passing several very stringent exams, run by the Institute of Tourist Guiding.

As a Blue Badge Guide, I am a member of two organisations which give comprehensive insurance cover: the Guild of Registered Tourist Guides and the Association of Professional Tourist Guides. Blue Badges are often the only external guides allowed to lead tours inside various sites, including the Tower of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral.



London is an incredibly vibrant beautiful city with a huge number of sights to see.  With a history going back 2,000 years, there is literally a story around every corner, from medieval monarchs to pop icons; Roman remains to royal palaces; writers, scientists, artists and heroes who have all contributed to the London we experience today.

So whether you’re first-time visitors to London, a family, a corporate group or taking students on an education trip, get in touch and I’ll tailor your tour to your needs, focussing on any particular sites or themes you want to see and hear more about.



Tours can be a combination of taxi, public transport and walking. Take your pick from the selection of sites to visit and walking tours and let me know which ones you’d like to experience for your stay in London.  


Site visits

The enormous choice of sites in London can include the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral, the British Museum, the Churchill War Rooms, art galleries and many many others. Click on the link for further details on all the options.


Walking tours

Walking tours are a much more in-depth way of finding out about London's fascinating 2,000-year-old history.  Themed walks range from the Jack the Ripper murders to ghost walks, the Beatles, Sherlock Holmes and historical walks in different parts of London.

At this point in the photo, we were all getting into the spirit of the walk!